Needham Small Cap Growth Fund

  • Reail Share: NESGX | Institutional Share: NESIX
    Assets (12/31/17): $30M | Inception Date: 5/22/02

Investment Objective

The Needham Small Cap Growth Fund seeks long-term, tax-efficient capital appreciation by primarily investing in the equity securities of smaller growth companies which the Fund believes are trading at a discount to their underlying value yet have the potential for superior long-term growth.

The central premise of the Fund's investment style is growth, more specifically, growth stocks trading at a discount to their underlying value where a catalyst is in place to eliminate the discount through acceleration of revenues and earnings over a period of twelve months or more.


  • Invest in small-cap growth equities (market cap of <$5B)
  • Invest in companies that are emerging as market leaders
  • Invest in strong, incentivized management teams
  • Invest in companies with:
    • Disruptive products and services
    • Coherent, well-thought-out strategy
    • Strong growth potential
  • Sound valuation discipline
  • Invest in venture-backed Post IPO opportunities
  • Invest for long-term capital appreciation with tax efficiency
  • Utilize shorting techniques to dampen volatility
Portfolio Manager

Chris Retzler

(212) 705-0424

Chris Retzler is the Fund Manager of the Needham Small Cap Growth Fund (NESGX) since January 2008. He also co-manages the Needham Growth Fund (NEEGX). He joined Needham Asset Management in 2005, coming from Winterkorn, where he spent the previous three years. Prior to Winterkorn, Chris was part of Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking from 1994 to 2002. He graduated with a BA from Bucknell University in 1993, moving on to become a Fulbright Scholar in 1994. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1999.